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Petit Couvent of the sisters
of the Immaculate Conception

4 bis Chemin de la Forêt
65100 Lourdes
Tel.+33 5 62 94 20 22
E-mail: accueil@petitcouvent.fr

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Coordinates Gps DD
Latitude: 49,09837420996948
Longitude: -0,0687718391418457

Coordinates Gps DMS
43° 5′ 54,147″ North
0° 4′ 7,578 West


From the Sanctuary at St Joseph’s Gate

From the St Joseph gate of the Sanctuary, take the road that climbs up along it.

At the top of the street after leaving along the upper Basilica ….

… take Rue de la Forêt street on the right.

After about 300m. take the street in the right and you will be there.

Itineraries to avoid the city center